C ~ Breeze Treasures Jewelry Handcrafted by the Sea ... Discover Your Special Treasure

Welcome to C~Breeze Treasures and Thank You for Stopping In.  

My name is Annie Cochran and I'm the artisan, designer and creator of C~Breeze Treasures.  Since I was a little girl I've always loved creating and crafting.  I remember spending hours, by myself or with close family members, coloring and drawing!  Every year I would receive a big new box of Crayola crayons for Christmas as I would wear down my old ones.  As I became older, that passion became stronger and continued to grow.  From handmade Christmas cards & ornaments, to knitting scarves, you name it!  Now, my passion is handcrafted jewelry!   I believe my creative gene was passed onto me from my Mom.  Growing up, I remember her doing ceramics, crocheting doilies, afghans, crafting of all sorts for gift giving & selling!  She passed away when I was twelve, but to this day, I truly believe my Mom, is Still My Inspiration!

Mission Statement:

       "My Creative Passion, Becomes Your Wearable Treasures..."

I live on Cape Cod Massachusetts with my husband and two dogs.  Being surrounded by the beautiful ocean and the many gorgeous beaches is where my creations are inspired.  These "treasures" are authentic, fresh and are mostly one of a kind.  Most important they are All Handmade by me!  When crafting, I take pride into each Treasure as if creating it for myself.  The joy of seeing the finished piece is then passed on to you as the "new owner!" 

My Goal:

  To offer unique, authentic, quality treasures, with the affordability that you'll want to come back and visit

again and again!

~ Thank you for breezing in & remember Enjoy the C~Breeze...!  ~ 

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