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  • Wave Pottery Bead Beaded Stretch Bracelet

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    Handcrafted on Cape Cod.  This single wave pottery bead, beaded stretch bracelet, is exclusive to me and C~Breeze Treasures.  I hand form stoneware clay into an oval, beach pebble like piece.  Then I hand carve the wave impression.  It is then glazed and fired in my kiln.  Features Semi precious Sodalite stone beads in ocean blue and marble white with hematite silver spacers.  Just gorgeous!   If you love the ocean, and the beach, then this wave bracelet is for you!   This will fit a wrist up to 7.25 inches comfortably.   

    *Please Note:  Each bead is slightly different and one of a kind unique! Bead size varies from almost 1 inch to a half inch in width and diameter.  Also, maybe more oval or rounded.  The beads are smooth like a beach pebble and  are all one of a kind unique! 

    ** The elastic cord is pre stretched to prevent over stretching through time and wear.   

    *** For quality assurance, it is advised Not to wear your bracelet in water.