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  • Pottery Ocean Wave Bead Pendant on Silver Chain

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    SOLD!   Handcrafted on Cape Cod!   This wave pottery pendant is exclusive to me and C~Breeze Treasures.  I hand form stoneware clay into a small round pendant disc and hand carve the wave impression.  It is then glazed and fired in my kiln.  The barrel shaped pottery bead is also hand formed and is then glazed.  If you love the ocean, the beach and waves then this pendant necklace is for you!  
    The pendant drops about two inches from chain.  PLEASE be sure to select what size chain length on check out.   
    Available in three different size .925 sterling silver plated chains.   
    Please Note:  Each bead is slightly different and one of a kind unique!  
    *Pendant size varies from dime to nickel size.  
    Silver chains are nickel and lead free.  
    ** For quality assurance, it is advised Not to wear your necklace in water.